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Socio-economic Sciences and the humanities

Socio-economic sciences reveal our past, present and future

The Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH) theme fosters research and social innovation with the aim of contributing to the achievement of an inclusive growth.

EU funding in 2011
€ 86.36 million

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This expands knowledge and understanding of European societies and provides policy guidelines.

For example, SSH research in 2011 showed that the strong 'financialisation' of the global economy is preventing socio-economic convergence in Europe. However, the so-called continental European socio-economic model (which actually stems from France and Germany) has so far proven to be more resilient to the crisis.

SSH research has also provided proposals for short-term solutions to the banking crisis. Furthermore, they supplied tactics that address the increasingly pressing need for a skilled labour force, examined how research and innovation can help pull Europe out of the present crisis and provided concrete mechanisms enabling older people to be more active in society.

The long-term future of Europe and the world was also addressed by SSH research. Stakeholders identified and quantified the outcomes of three major EU evolution scenarios, of which one proposed the conditions for the "EU Renaissance". This exercise – called "Global Europe 2050" – provided useful elements for discussing possible actions and pathways to tackle issues such as the availability of natural resources, infrastructures and territorial dynamics.