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Science at the service of Europe

Mapping online controversies

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The EMAPS project seeks to trace the various networks constituted around science and technology 'controversies'. EMAPS focuses on two case studies (ageing/life expectancy and climate change adaptation) to assess the use of the web as a tool of collective endeavour and public debate. This addresses the potential as well as the risks of on-line communication. Various societal actors, such as journalists or corporations, will be equipped with a political atlas, which maps their disagreements on science and technology.

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Optimising robotic technology legislation

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ROBOLAW will explore the significant impact that emerging robotic technologies in biomedical research are expected to have on legislation. These emerging technologies will generate new ethical, legal and safety implications, such as human enhancement. They will also affect already known issues, such as surveillance, privacy and the use of civil technology for military purposes ("dual use technologies"). ROBOLAW will therefore contribute to improving legislation in highly sensitive areas and making it more secure.

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