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Saving water while improving crop quality

field with vegetables

WATERBEE DA is a demonstration project that follows a previous FP7 project to provide an intelligent irrigation system for crop growers. The project has enhanced crop quality in testing sites across Europe and guarantees 40% water savings. In UK trials, WATERBEE used 56% less water than the locally applied irrigation system. The project, which was awarded a grant of €1.14 million, integrates the latest innovations for low-cost wireless sensor networks, soil sensor technology and intelligent software.

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Realising smart hospital beds

the new robot firefighter

The EPOSBED-DEMO is also a demonstration project, which was awarded a grant of €313 000. It seeks to turn the already developed technology of smart hospital beds into a concrete and viable market solution. These smart beds connect pressure mat sensors imbedded in the mattress to intelligent software, to interpret patients' movement intentions. Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the UK are all participating in this project.

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