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Taking aim at cancer


The 1986-established Ion Beam Applications (IBA) is a leader in particle accelerator technology. Its cancer diagnosis and therapy solutions improve patients' lives and convalescence. Particularly its proton therapy is considered an important radiation therapy for cancer. Protons focus their greatest effective energy at the exact centre of a tumour. A targeted delivery of higher radiation doses is therefore possible without increasing side effects or long-term complications. A €50 million RSFF loan will now support IBA.

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Supporting the right pharma


Pierre Fabre (PF) is a medium-sized company created by the French pharmacist Pierre Fabre in 1961, which conducts innovative research in oncology, cardiology, urology, neurology and rheumatology. Its continuous investment in developing new medicinal treatments targeting FP7 priority diseases will now be supported by a €100 million RSFF loan. This loan is also expected to preserve jobs and significantly benefit scientific activity in the cancer-research cluster around Toulouse (the Oncopôle).

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