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Pumping the green

small electric car

The project ELMO'S develops electro-mobility solutions to help make transport more sustainable. These solutions are being used in cities in Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia and Switzerland. ELMO'S aims to carry out cross-border field tests and deliver concepts that improve the exchange of electro-mobility knowledge between the EU level and regions. This in turn should improve electro-mobility technology standardisation and lead to new insights in applied science. Thus ELMO'S will enhance regions' capacities to foster a sustainable transport-related economy.

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Regional transport innovation

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Six European regions with dedicated logistics clusters have joined forces to elaborate and start implementing a joint action plan in LOG4GREEN. Its main objective is to strengthen integrative research in the field of logistic systems. This will be achieved by developing trans-regional interdisciplinary RTD networks involving stakeholder groups along the value-added chain. This will not only uncover green transport challenges and best practices, but also open up new fields of research.

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