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Managing disease in Amazonia


The STRONGER project is focused on the outermost region of French Guiana – the sole EU region located in the Amazonian forest of South America. French Guiana's population frequently has to face different epidemics with diverse origins. These infectious and emerging diseases can have an immense public health impact. The main objective of this project, therefore, is to set up a taskforce capable of managing these diseases. STRONGER was awarded a €3.73 million grant.

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Funding cutting edge research

University of Sophia

The University of Sofia is currently Bulgaria's leading scientific centre in Advanced Functional Mathematics. Now its Faculty of Chemistry has been granted €3.8 million as part of the BeyondEverest project. This will further raise the Faculty's potential for performing world-class research in Advanced Functional Mathematics. The key steps in reaching this objective are building up strategic partnerships with leading European research centres, recruiting five experienced researchers and supplying the latest field-specific equipment (e.g. for nuclear genetic resonance).

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