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Research potential

Tapping the full European research potential

Some economically weak regions – far removed from the core of European research and industrial development – have untapped research potential.

EU funding in 2011
€ 65.32 million

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The FP7 initiative "Research Potential" aims to help these regions develop their research potential. The "Research Potential" strengthens the most competitive research entities in the outermost regions of the EU and in the economically weakest areas (qualifying for convergence funding). Consequently, these regions will be able to successfully take part in European Research Area research activities.

The "Research Potential" initiative also contributes to regional and European sustainable socio-economic development by tackling difficult tasks. For example, it creates "brain gain" by fostering networking opportunities between European world-class research actors and industry, upgrading relevant RTD infrastructures and recruiting experienced researchers. In this way, the "Research Potential" strengthens knowledge and innovation for a high-employment economy. This provides a valuable contribution to the realisation of the smart and inclusive growth objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy.

In 2011, the main distinctive features of the "Research Potential" initiative created a huge amount of interest among applicants. This is clearly shown by the number of proposals received. 140 research entities were funded, involving participants from 22 Member States, three Associated Countries, four Candidate Countries and seven Third Countries. Twenty new projects were successfully negotiated and started in 2011.