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Policy-related actions

Creating better working conditions

Europe is facing major societal challenges for which we need a sufficient supply of highly qualified and well-trained researchers

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Hence training and working as a researcher in Europe must be an attractive option for the world's best talents. The Innovation Union calls for a coordinated effort to make research careers in Europe more alluring and remove legal, social and financial obstacles to researchers' mobility.

In this context, the 2005 Commission Recommendation on the European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers (Charter & Code) provides a key reference framework. It clarifies the rights and obligations that researchers, their employers and funders have. Furthermore, it lays down a set of principles for good working conditions and fair, transparent recruitment procedures. Over 400 organisations from across Europe have now explicitly endorsed the principles of the Charter & Code, representing more than 1 200 individual institutions (in 2011 there were approximately 60 new endorsements).