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Storing hydrogen successfully

picture of an hydrogen atom

The Marie Curie Research Training Network, COSY, met its goal to successfully deliver new, outstanding findings on solid state hydrogen storage. This research is a key step towards delivering the so-called 'hydrogen economy' in transport. Indeed, it resulted in a patent on the "Method for Activation or Regeneration of a Hydrogen Storage Material". Optimally training 13 early-stage researchers and five experienced researchers brought about this success. Their work received 50 peer-reviewed publications.

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Breaking down chemotherapy resistant cancer cells

3-Dimension picture of cancer cells

The FP6 NEST project SYNLET sought to unravel the complex processes involved in the survival and malignancy of chemotherapy resistant cancer cells. It identified the key proteins of cellular escape mechanisms that enable cells to overcome drug toxicity, rendering them chemo-resistant. Blocking these proteins would transform chemo-resistant cancer cells into cytotoxic drugs (synthetic lethality). The consortium filed the European patent application "Critical Gene Targets for Cytotoxic Therapy".

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