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New therapeutic perspectives

bio-artificial skin

The ARTIVASC 3D project aims to realise a new generation of bio-artificial tissue containing blood vessels. Previous bio-artificial tissues frequently failed because they could not be supplied with oxygen or nutrients. This new bio-artificial skin therefore holds great potential for a vast array of clinical treatments, such as skin transplants. It will also be used as an in vitro equivalent of skin for pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical substance testing thus reducing animal testing.

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Innovations in steel protection technologies

aerial pipelines

The objective of the STEELCOAT project is to reduce the use of toxic and hazardous compounds in anticorrosion coatings for steel and extend their service life. Many compounds currently utilised for the corrosion protection of steel are not only environmentally hazardous, but also harmful to human health. This project therefore aims to develop environmentally friendly anticorrosion coatings with extended durability for steel protection. Furthermore, it plans to replace current paint systems with more effective ones.

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