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Advancing biomass conversion research

Colza field and two elevators

BRISK, an EU-funded project that started in 2011, seeks to integrate leading European research infrastructures to advance studies on thermochemical biomass conversion. This will contribute to furthering the development of renewable energy. Several laboratories, a company and a large industry-oriented research foundation are collaborating on this project. Together they will analyse each stage of the biomass process – from the initial preparation of biomass feedstock through to its utilisation. BRISK is in line with European efforts to implement the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan)

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Connecting life science research


BIOMEDBRIDGES aims to ensure that all European life scientists have seamless and secure access to the data they need to conduct cutting-edge research and promote its translation into clinical applications and industrial products. The project will provide the shared electronic infrastructure – the "data and service" bridges – needed by individual ESFRI Research Infrastructures for biological and medical sciences. BIOMEDBRIDGES will thus allow interoperability between data and services, while bridging biomedical and genetic data.

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