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Breathing fresh air into combating cancer

the sign od HIV on the girl' breast

The DIAG-CANCER project is developing a revolutionary diagnostic method for breast and other types of cancer. Thanks to this method, a person need now only breathe into a device to find out their disease's stage and subtype. By analysing people's exhalation with an array of nano-sensors, these non-invasive, low cost breath tests could contribute to monitoring treatment response. This would also reduce health budgets, making more cost-effective cancer treatments a real possibility.

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A fairer climate change fight

bubbles in gel material

The COMBATING CLIMATE CHANGE project focuses on "green paradoxes", which are the counterproductive effects climate change policies have when they fail to take into account the supply dimension of fossil fuels markets. The project's goal is to have balanced environmental policy proposals. These would simultaneously address the adverse distributional aspects climate change has on developing economies, as well as on the advanced world's poorest economies, which are more heavily charged by green taxes.

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