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Continuing the fight against rheumatoid arthritis

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REGENER-AR project will develop and clinically test a new treatment for the most common inflammatory arthritis: rheumatoid arthritis (RA). This autoimmune disease affects 0.5 to 1% of the world's population. Current treatments involve synthetic disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs. However, there are concerns about using these long-term. The REGENER-AR consortium therefore aims to exploit the biology of living human expanded adult stem cells, to develop a new, broadly available treatment for RA.

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Unlocking the potential of stem cell differentiation

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The large-scale 4DCELLFATE project will study the role specific proteins have in the differentiation of stem cells into other cell forms. This process has enormous potential for medical applications generally, and for regenerative medicine in particular. Yet to unlock this potential the underpinning molecular mechanisms need to be better understood. Combining the expertise of 12 scientific leaders from nine European countries, 4DCELLFATE aims to unravel this process of embryonic stem cell differentiation. This will hopefully lead to new ways of controlling complex diseases.

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