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Broadening the biotechnology spectrum

Mendeliev table

Compared to conventional production methods, industrial biotechnology routes have significant environmental benefits. They use less organic solvents, fewer toxic metals and consume less energy. The KYROBIO project will broaden the toolbox of industrial complex chemicals produced by biotechnology routes using various innovative isolation techniques. It is expected that promising candidate chemicals will be commercialised within three years of completion, helping to keep the European chemicals industry at the forefront of biotechnology.

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From bio-waste to fuel for food

waste from fruit and vegetables

Significant amounts of nutrient-rich bio-wastes (farm residues, food waste) are currently burnt as biomass for energy production or dumped in landfills. These lost nutrients could be recovered if the separation and treatment processes of urban and farm bio-waste streams were optimised. The REFERTIL project, which improves bio-waste management, does precisely this. The resulting high quality, safe compost makes the full recovery of nutrients possible and reduces the use of mineral fertilizer in crop production.

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