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Science at the service of Europe

Safeguarding europe's lead in nuclear safety

nuclear factory

The project JASMIN aims to produce a European numerical simulation code, enhancing the safety of Sodium-cooled Fast neutron Reactors (SFR). An educational programme will include workshops and the secondment of young researchers to other organisations. JASMIN is aligned with the European Sustainable Nuclear Industrial Initiative roadmap and the Strategic Research Agenda and the Deployment Strategy of SNETP (Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform). Its work should help maintain Europe's leading position in nuclear technology and safety.

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Establishing how radiation affects the heart

Illustration of a heart in body

There is an established link between cardiovascular disease and the exposure of the heart and major vessels to high radiation doses. Yet at low doses detrimental effects are less understood. This is partly due to insufficient epidemiological research, and partly because of lacking methods for constructing the needed mathematical models. The PROCARDIO international research team will examine these issues. Their aim is to provide scientific evidence of the possible effects ionising radiation can have on cardiovascular tissues.

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