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Nuclear fission and radiation protection

Strategic agendas catalyse fission

Nuclear research activities are co-funded by the Euratom framework programme. This programme extends Europe's leadership in the research field and, more importantly, maintains a high level of safety.

EU funding in 2011
€ 52 million

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For maximum effectiveness, funding is focused on topics uniting nuclear research and industrial stakeholders across Europe. Three technology platforms meeting these requirements are Sustainable Nuclear Energy (SNETP), Implementing Geological Disposal (IGDTP), and MELODI (Multidisciplinary European Low-Dose Initiative). All three technical fora have come together around agreed visions for future R&D in their respective fields. Both SNETP and IGDTP are closely aligned with the objectives of the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan.

The catalytic effect of the Euratom framework programme maximises leverage of national and industrial investment in key projects focusing on nuclear systems and safety, waste management and radiation protection. First, Euratom concentrates on cross-cutting topics with a wide appeal to a range of Member States. Second, it promotes pre-commercial research, where a broad cooperative approach is needed across Europe to create critical mass.

In December the Council of the EU agreed to extend the Euratom framework programme for nuclear research for 2012-2013. This extension synchronises the end of the programme with the end of the current EU financial perspective. It also contributes to implementing the Innovation Union strategy by enhancing the safety of nuclear fission and other radiation usage in industry and medicine.