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Science at the service of Europe

Easing innovations towards SMEs

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Although the EU's annual growth rate of 16% in eco-innovation is remarkably high, transfer to SMEs is rather low. The newly launched common European platform, ECOWEB, aims to change this. Using semantic web-technology, this platform will collect and structure information on eco-innovation and match it to SMEs' technical needs. Saving SMEs the trouble of looking for novel technologies should increase their uptake of these innovations and spur economic growth.

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Avoiding climate disaster

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IMPACT2C quantifies climate impacts, their economic costs and potential responses at a pan-European level. These actions address the potential threat to human welfare should global warming rise beyond 2°C above pre-industrial levels. An international consortium assesses these effects on different sectors, such as water and health. European decision-makers and stakeholders can then use IMPACT2C's results to be informed of the best available science on projected impacts, to better design their policies and actions.

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