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Joining forces in environmental research

EU Member States have joined forces to conduct environmental research. This promotes the European Research Area by coordinating and integrating national efforts and fostering multidisciplinary networks.

EU funding in 2011
€ 258.48 million

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As environmental protection should not undermine economic prosperity, the development of technologies that turn environmental challenges to Europe's competitive advantage is particularly supported.

In 2011, the overarching goal of EU environmental research was to pro-actively address transformations to sustainable societies in changing environments. This theme was broken down into three sub-goals. These are: finding integrated solutions for adapting to and reducing climate change, developing eco-innovations for eco-efficient societies and coming up with systemic approaches for governance in shifting environments. To stimulate the coordination and integration of national efforts, the Council of the EU adopted two Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs). These were "Connecting Climate Change Knowledge (CliK'EU)" and "Water challenges". A call for proposals was also launched to advance international cooperation with Latin America in fields such as climate change, natural catastrophes, biodiversity, observation systems and technologies for water scarcity.

EU environmental research is an essential support to the EU's leadership in the international arena. EU actions help understand transnational environmental systems and links between the environment, economy and society.