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In June the Commission presented the first edition of the Innovation Union Competitiveness report.

EU funding in 2011
€ 10.04 million

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This report monitors the progress made towards building an Innovation Union and the EU and Member States' R&D targets.

This voluntary 'self-assessment tool' encompasses policy features typically present in strong performance research and innovation. Its usefulness was first demonstrated in the 2011 peer reviews of Belgian and Estonian research and innovation systems. All Member States can benefit from this tool by using it to support revisions for their Europe 2020 National Reform Programmes.

TIn mid-2011, the ERAWATCH project published the 2010 edition of country reports describing the evolution of R&D policies in the EU and Associated Countries. In October, the Commission released the 2011 edition of the "EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard" on the world's top 1 400 R&D investment companies