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Education systems under scrutiny

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The GOETE project is carrying out a comparative study of education systems available to children aged from ten to 16 years in eight EU countries. It will analyse how children's access to education is regulated, how they cope with educational and procedural demands placed on them and what support measures are available to them. In addition, GOETE is investigating whether formal education provides them with the necessary skills, knowledge and competence required by modern society and current labour markets.

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New trends in family research

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Mapping and analysing new social trends was also a key feature of the programme for socio-economic sciences and the humanities in 2010. A platform on the evolution and the role of families was launched called Familyplatform, so that researchers and family organisations could meet and discuss new and existing trends in family research. This research should help develop policies that better meet the needs of present and future families in Europe, given their varying structures, compositions and social environments.

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