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Regions of knowledge

Regional clusters as innovation drivers

The 'Regions of Knowledge' activity sets out to strengthen the capacity of EU regions for research and innovation as part of the Europe 2020 strategy of making the Union a smart economy based on knowledge and innovation.

EU funding in 2010
€ 17.35 million

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It puts particular emphasis on helping regional authorities to design their smart specialisation strategies in the context of the Innovation Union initiative.

The objective of Regions of Knowledge is to support regional development through a joint R&D action plan designed by regional research-driven clusters comprising knowledge providers, business entities and regional authorities. The joint action plan must be accompanied by a business plan describing how it will be funded, possibly from the EU's Structural Funds.

The activities supported by this initiative promote joint analysis of the research agendas of regional clusters, and the development of joint action plans to improve integration of business entities, research actors and institutions in regional economies. They also promote mentoring activities in regions with less developed research profiles by experts from regions with highly developed ones.