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Research potential

Boosting quality research in less performing regions

'Research Potential' is a facilitator for the European Research Area (ERA). Its purpose is to stimulate the most competitive RTD institutions established in the European Union's economically weak regions (those qualifying for convergence funding) and in its outermost regions.

EU funding in 2010
€ 39.55 million

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This activity aims to enhance the research potential of the best scientific entities in these regions to enable them to participate successfully in European and international research projects. It tackles a variety of challenges, such as brain gain through networking with other world-class European research players and industry, upgrading relevant RTD equipment, and recruiting experienced researchers. The wider goal is to mobilise these institutions so that they can make a dynamic contribution to local/European sustainable socio-economic development.

In this way, Research Potential can provide valuable input towards meeting the smart and inclusive growth objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy by strengthening knowledge and innovation for a high-employment economy. Twenty of the 27 Member States and seven associated countries are involved.