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Coherent development of the research policies

Creating common performance indicators

To derive maximum benefit from investment in research, the ERA should build on a set of coherent regional, national and European policies.

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At the same time, however, market and knowledge dynamics among sectors and industries throughout the EU should be borne in mind when developing effective policies and measures.

Effective policy development depends on support for policy coordination and mutual learning, such as through the open method of coordination which provides Member States with an opportunity to learn from each other, exchange experience and identify good practices in a limited number of policy areas. In 2010, a policy mix peer review of research and innovation in Slovenia was conducted. Moreover, starting in 2011, an internal study was carried out on the use of the self-assessment tool presented by the European Commission in its Innovation Union Communication.

This tool, a set of policy features typically present in research and innovation systems that perform strongly, is proposed for use by EU countries to assess their own research and innovation systems and then define the key reforms in their Europe 2020 national reform programmes.