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Micro-systems for progress

printed circuit

The FAB2ASM project focuses on new manufacturing technology in the key sector of 3D integration of microelectronics and microsystems, which is both fast and accurate. This combination has been hard to achieve. FAB2ASM will deliver relevant industrial technologies which will dramatically improve the integration process in terms of precision and efficiency. Future applications for 3D integration include implantable medical devices, intelligent sensors, flash memory, computer memory, camera chips and radio-frequency devices.

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Nano-membranes provide clean water

water tested in a labo

NATIOMEM is developing a novel water-treatment system to provide drinking water from surface and waste water. The technology uses hi-tech nanostructured membranes to produce a simple, low-cost, user-friendly water-treatment system which does not use chemicals or energy other than solar radiation. The project also validates the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of photocatalytic membrane water treatment. The project brings together partners from Europe, South Africa, Jordan and Israel.

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