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Research and Innovation into food, agriculture, fisheries, and biotechnology are central to meeting the challenge of creating smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in Europe.

EU funding in 2010
€ 219.17 million

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This requires appropriate actions at all levels in order to provide a resilient food chain and respond to pressures on natural resources linked to food security, climate change, renewable energy and waste reduction.

In 2010, major projects focused on improving and optimising primary agriculture production systems and on applying a multidisciplinary approach in marine research. Emphasis was also placed on innovation in the food industry and prevention of diet-related diseases, along with the 'greening' of the chemical industry and development of biotechnological solutions for environmental problems. Incentives were introduced for boosting links with and facilitating participation of industry, and especially SMEs, in research projects. A prompt response was given to the outbreak of the novel human influenza 'A' virus through a dedicated call for proposals.