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Nuclear fission and radiation protection

Strategic research agendas for nuclear fission

The overall aim of the Euratom fission and radiation protection programme is to contribute to Europe's long-term energy targets and to address societal concerns about nuclear safety, radioactive waste management and the use of radiation in industrial and medical practices.

EU funding in 2010
€50.26 million

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The programme's activities are intended to support Member States' research programmes in these fields and to maximise EU-added value and benefit for Europe's citizens.

For the greatest effectiveness, funding is focused on topics identified by the key technical forums bringing together nuclear research and industrial stakeholders across Europe. These are the technology platforms in Sustainable Nuclear Energy (SNETP) and Implementing Geological Disposal (IGDTP) and MELODI – the Multidisciplinary European Low-Dose Initiative – in the area of risks from low and protracted exposure to ionising radiation.

All three technical forums have come together around agreed visions for future R&D in their respective fields, and all have defined, or are defining, strategic research agendas (SRA) and deployment strategies to be implemented through joint actions and sharing resources. Both SNETP and IGDTP are closely aligned with the objectives of the SET-Plan. The European sustainable nuclear industrial initiative (ESNII), formally launched at the SET-Plan conference in November 2010, constitutes one of the three technology pillars in SNETP.