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The challenge of low-carbon sustainable energy

Energy systems face major challenges both in Europe and globally. Action is needed at EU level to develop solutions for the supply of sustainable, affordable energy.

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A new generation of economically viable decarbonised technologies should be developed to enable the EU to meet its international climate commitments, to roll out the energy technologies of tomorrow, to develop new sources of growth and to ensure the EU's competitiveness. Meeting the 2020 targets and the milestones to 2050 is a significant challenge which is best tackled collectively at European level. The EU now speaks with one voice on energy and climate change policy. It must also act jointly in energy research to speed the introduction of technologies needed to fulfil its commitments. This policy is part of the Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan – the technology pillar of EU energy and climate policy. Launched in 2007, the SET-Plan is highlighted in the Europe 2020 strategy, as a priority under two flagship initiatives: Resource-efficient Europe and the Innovation Union.