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Research into greener transport

Transport plays a key role in economic wealth and competition. It enables the free movement of people, services and goods. Thanks to today’s transport infrastructures, we can live and work in different countries, trade services across borders, and have easy access to products from different parts of the world.

EU funding in 2009
€350.35 million

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But whether we travel by air, rail, road or water, the increased use of individual and mass transport comes at a price. Transport still depends on fossil fuels and is responsible for 25 % of CO2 emissions. The improved planning, design and operation of transport infrastructures is required to ensure safer and more secure systems and, at the same time, reduce the negative impacts on the environment.

Research and innovation seek to improve the mobility of people and goods to benefit the European economy, and to mitigate the negative impacts of transport on the environment and on health and safety. Transport research in FP7 focuses on greener, more efficient and smarter transport systems in Europe. It also promotes closer cooperation with international research partners, such as Russia and China in 2009, to address global challenges and to undertake and benefit from research activities that take place outside the European context.