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Socio-economic Sciences and the humanities

Research to understand our society

The way societies are organised and governed and how they interact with each other has a strong influence on our lives.

EU funding in 2009
€73.24 million

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Europe, with its diverse societies, has different cultural traditions, lifestyles, beliefs and models of government. Whether we define ourselves as Europeans or citizens of a particular Member State, we depend on our governments to make basic resources such as clean water and energy readily available. Economic trends also have an impact on the way we live, our quality of life and how we make a living. Our social structures are currently being transformed by many factors such as climate change and an ageing population.

Research into socio-economic sciences and the humanities can help us to understand the complexity of societies and can provide decision-makers with the knowledge they need to make informed choices. FP7 projects address major societal trends and their implications on the lives of EU citizens but also Europe’s role in a changing world. Current and future socio-economic challenges in areas such as employment, education, migration and integration have been identified and analysed in order to develop the tools and knowledge needed to confront them.