Science at the service of Europe

New satellite communications

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Alphasat, a joint undertaking between Inmarsat PLC, a private company, and the European Space Agency (ESA), will be the first satellite to use a new European high-power telecommunications platform. It will accommodate four technological demonstration payloads (TDPs) developed by several European universities, industry and space organisations. This research infrastructure will support a new generation of mobile technologies and enable robust communications across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. It will provide research communities from industry and academia with scientific applications in sectors such as the media, maritime transport, oil and gas.

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Innovative healthcare

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The Dutch-based electronics group, Philips, will conduct R&D activities across a range of innovative healthcare projects, including image-guided intervention, clinical applications and decision support systems that can improve diagnosis and therapy. Innovation in home healthcare will provide patients with next-generation technologies to ensure the best possible care in their own homes instead of in hospital. Philips’ open-innovation environment in the Dutch city of Eindhoven will bring together SMEs, research institutes and universities from across Europe allowing close collaboration for their future R&D.

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