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Natural resources like land and water serve us in all their diversity. The management of these resources, through agriculture, forestry or fisheries, is becoming more complex, as food security, environmental concerns and animal welfare, all need to be taken into consideration.

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At the same time, consumers expect safe, healthy and varied food products which meet their dietary requirements and lifestyles. As these interconnected concerns are constantly increasing, research is expected to provide us with an accurate understanding of our changing environment and to identify the best strategic options. The many different areas of biosciences’ research offer the prospect of a range of solutions to today’s challenges, such as replacements for fossil fuels, greener industrial production, and food security.

The ‘knowledge-based bio-economy’ (KBBE) is part of an economy based on the sustainable management, production and use of renewable biological resources from land and sea. The theme 'Food, agriculture, and fisheries and biotechnology' research in FP7 seeks to build a strong and competitive European bio-economy and aims to address the major societal challenges such as ‘greening’ industrial processes and products, reducing waste and enhancing consumer protection and well-being. KBBE research provides input to different sectors, such as the food and animal feed industry, chemicals, textiles and biofuels.