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Research response to climate and environmental change

Europe has such diverse landscapes and ecosystems. We all live in different environments — in urban or rural areas, some of us inland, others on the coast or in the mountains.

EU funding in 2009
€224.44 million

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We need to protect and preserve this natural environment, our life support system, for our own well-being and quality of life but also for future generations. However, the current consumption of natural resources by all of us — companies, farms or households — is not sustainable. The availability of fresh air, clean water and healthy soil is being threatened and affected by human activities and climate change, as well as by natural processes. All forms of life are experiencing the effects.

EU research generates knowledge to understand better the extremely complex interaction between climate, biosphere, ecosystems and human activities. It helps us to develop new technologies which are environmentally sound and which prevent or reduce the waste we produce. Environmental research in FP7 investigates climate change, natural hazards, environment and health, natural resource management, biodiversity, marine environment, land and urban management, environmental technologies, earth observation and assessment tools for sustainable development. FP7 also endeavours to promote the best use of research results and new scientific findings for policy development and implementation.