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Transport (including aeronautics)

Green transport for an upwardly mobile EU

A coordinated pan-European strategy for transport research shows the way to keep people and goods on the move.

EU funding in 2008
€357.24 million

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"Transport is fast becoming a high-tech industry, and is a driver of Europe's economic competitiveness and growth."

The transport sector, encompassing aeronautics and air transport as well as surface transport (rail, road and waterborne), is key to the European economy, having major economic, social and environmental implications. Air transport accounts for 2.6% of EU GDP and 3.1 million jobs, while surface transport generates 11% of GDP and employs around 16 million people. However, together they are also responsible for 25% of all EU emissions of CO².

Research is needed both to increase the mobility of people and goods, and to mitigate the negative impacts in relation to the environment, health and safety. In this, the EU plays a catalysing and leveraging role, enabling European researchers to work jointly on common solutions to common problems – for example, by facilitating seamless transport chains across borders.