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People are Europe’s most valued resource

The PEOPLE programme is the human resources dimension of FP7, with a mission to make Europe the preferred location for the world’s best researchers.

EU funding in 2008
€483.10 million

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"The capacity to attract and retain highly trained and qualified researchers in Europe is necessary to advance science, underpin innovation and sustain investment."

Europe needs an abundant supply of qualified and highly trained researchers to fulfil its scientific and technological ambitions, as well as to attract and sustain public and private investment in discovery and innovation.

Against a background of intense world competition for top talent, the People programme of FP7 aims to make the EU an attractive place for researchers. Now managed by the Research Executive Agency, its goals are to create an open labour market, free from all forms of discrimination; and to motivate the best public- and private-sector researchers at all levels to choose Europe as their centre of activity. Further objectives are to cultivate the integration of early-stage researchers, and to remove barriers to the participation of women at all levels.

To stimulate people to enter the profession and enjoy more career path options, the People programme promotes Europe-wide structuring and standards in research training and professional development, and encourages knowledge-sharing between public and private research sectors.