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Better access to infrastructures raises Europe’s research capacity

Top-class scientific and technological development requires access to the best instruments, installations and facilities.

EU funding in 2008
€147.48 million

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"World-class research demands world-class tools; by acting in unison, EU stakeholders can assemble the infrastructures needed to compete with the best."

The availability of world-class infrastructures is essential for Europe's researchers to stay at the forefront of research and development. By offering unique research services to users from different countries, by attracting young people to science, and through the networking of facilities, research infrastructures help in structuring the scientific community. They thus play a key role in the construction of an efficient research and innovation environment. Because of their ability to assemble a ‘critical mass’ of people and investment, they also contribute to national, regional and European economic development.

While Member States remain central in the development and financing of such infrastructures, Community actions play an important role by helping to ensure better use of Member States’ established facilities. The EC has supported ‘Integrating Activities’, which provide infrastructure-related services at European level and, when appropriate, at an international level. These activities have been instrumental in stimulating the coordinated development and networking of Europe's leading research infrastructures.