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Environment (including Climate Change)

Europe takes the lead in environmental action

Climate change is a global issue that transcends regional boundaries. The EU is leading the world in setting ambitious targets to control it.

EU funding in 2008
€224.37 million

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"Respecting the environment is inseparable from safeguarding the future of mankind."

Environmental phenomena are not confined by national borders. Joint action is required to protect and preserve Europe’s ecosystems – but, as indicated in the reinvigorated EU Sustainable Development Strategy, economic prosperity and social cohesion demand equal attention.

Addressing essential issues like climate change, urban sustainability, land use, eco-innovation, integrated environmental and health policies, require not only policy actions but also innovative, multidisciplinary approaches to deal with societal problems. In times of economic slow-down, even more attention has to be given to finding answers for today, without neglecting the consequences for tomorrow.

Already, EU-funded research is contributing strongly to this process. Cooperative projects are providing insight into transnational environmental systems and the linkages between the environment, the economy and society. State-of-the-art models and devices have been developed to predict climate evolution under different scenarios, evaluate the impacts and identify adaptation needs. The development of Earth observation systems now enables researchers to review their findings based on access to high-quality information from all over the world.