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Strategy for a low-carbon Europe

A European strategic energy technology plan sets a new research agenda to help fight climate change and increase EU self-sufficiency.

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"Citizens will benefit from EU research through more affordable, clean and renewable energy and efficiency savings, which will also reduce the causes of global warming."

Europe now speaks with one voice on energy and climate change. Because current patterns of consumption are not sustainable, the Community has agreed a binding commitment to reduce its overall greenhouse gas emissions to at least 20% below 1990 levels by 2020, and to increase the share of renewables to 20% in energy use over the same period.

Joint action is necessary to speed up development of the technologies that will enable the Community to meet its targets, while satisfying the demand for an affordable and abundant energy supply to maintain industrial competitiveness and living standards for European citizens.

The Commission Communication ‘A European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) – Towards a low carbon future’ defines a policy agenda that must now be supported by concrete actions to lay the ground for Europe-wide technology initiatives.

Although global competitors may enjoy advantages in investment levels and research capacities, EU enterprises lead the way in many aspects of energy generation and utilisation. They have enormous potential to make still more breakthrough advances in new generations of clean technologies that will make sustainable energy readily available to all citizens.