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International cooperation

International cooperation raises Europe’s global research profile

Sharing with the world enriches Europe’s knowledge base and helps less developed nations to build their own capabilities.

EU funding in 2008
€17.50 million

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"International cooperation is at the centre of Community policies to meet the Lisbon objectives and play a leading role on the world stage."

The march of globalisation is influencing the ways in which nations produce, share and use knowledge. Climate change, poverty, infectious diseases, threats to security, and dwindling supplies of energy, food and water all play a part in increasing the need for effective global cooperation in science and technology.

The Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) reflects this changing scene by placing much greater emphasis on reaching out to the wider world. Yet FP7 represents only a small proportion of Europe’s research. The majority of investment comes from the individual Member States. By acting together the Member States and the European Commission can more effectively encourage the free circulation of knowledge, contribute to the development of the European Research Area and demonstrate that Europe is a willing and accomplished research partner.