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Coal and steel

Cleaner coal, stronger steel

Coal and steel are strategic resources for Europe: a particular objective of EU research is to reduce their associated environmental impacts.

EU funding in 2008
€51.33 million

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"Cutting greenhouse gas emissions is a prime goal of EU support for coal and steel research."

The Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS) covers all aspects of research, from production processes to application. This has an annual budget of approximately €55 million, financed by the interest on the assets of the now expired European Coal and Steel Community Treaty.

On 29 April 2008, the Council adopted a decision on the revised multiannual technical guidelines governing the research programme of the RFCS, whilst further improving complementarity with FP7 and taking account of the recent EU enlargement. These introduced a number of simplified administrative and operational procedures, and increased the financial support from 40% to 50% for pilot and demonstration projects.

A focus of currently funded actions is on developing cost-effective technologies to build a more sustainable energy economy for Europe and the rest of the world.