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Specific Privacy Statement
for data collected via web forms and transmitted as e-mails

The data you have supplied in the form linked to this statement will be sent to an e-mail address within the Research DG of the European Commission when you click on the submit button.

It is not directly stored in a database, but may be stored in a number of different forms for further processing. This will be only for the purpose for which you submitted it, as mentioned on the form (or the main page linked to the form). Similarly the EU will only disclose the information to third parties if that is necessary for the fulfillment of this purpose.

The EU will not divulge your personal data for direct marketing purposes.

The EU only keeps the data for the time necessary to fulfill the purpose of collection or further processing.

For more information, see the personal data protection section of the Europa legal notice

If you have any questions, either send another message via the same form explaining your concern, or contact the Research DG's data protection coordinator.

Last update: 16-07-2004