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Research on religion - Religion on the move

Movie produced by REDCO (Religion in Education. A contribution to dialogue or a factor of conflict in transforming societies of European countries) an SSH project funded under the 6th Research Framework Programme.

This project - focussing on the age group of 14-16 years - studies whether religion is a factor of conflict or a contribution to dialogue. To reach teachers but also the wider public REDCO has produced a movie:

The movie "Research on religion - religion on the move" communicates three aspects of REDCO: First, the research process: the difficulty of finding the right research questions. Second, the movie shows the empirical part of its research: bringing questionnaires into the classroom, videotaping lessons and interviewing teachers. Third, "Religion on the move" presents the main project findings: the optimism of young people to live together despite differences in world views and their solutions.

The movie can be downloaded for free from the REDCO project website:
or purchased directly from the project coordinator, Prof. Dr. Wolfram Weisse, Universitšt Hamburg: