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SSH Research funded before 2007

The European Commission has funded research into the socio-economic sciences and humanities (SSH) since 1994. Information on projects supported under the successive framework programmes is readily available in this section of the website.

Research projects funded in the period 2002-2006

Most of the projects funded in the period 2002-2006, under the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6), have been finalised. A complete synopsis of these projects is available.

Completed research projects funded in the period 1998-2002

This catalogue covers briefing papers from 120 projects funded during the period 1998-2002, and that have since been completed.

Completed research projects funded in the period 1994-1998

Project synopses for the period 1994-1998 are also available.

Foresight research

As a specialised area, a specific overview of Foresight research is available. Results from completed projects (120 briefs with project outcomes) are outlined in a publication from the European Foresight Monitoring Network. The aim of the publication is to allow for better use of the results of foresight exercises by bringing information on crucial societal topics to the attention of policy-makers.

Searchable project database from 1994 to current

For details on projects funded since 1994, you can search the project by (1) keywords, (2) theme or (3) the funding period.