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SOCIETY - Social Innovation - Empowering the Young for the Common Good


"Social Innovation–Empowering the Young (SocIEtY) for the Common Good" will both focus on and integrate disadvantaged young people into the research process to improve their quality of life and to foster social innovation. Therefore SocIEtY will extend the given informational basis for designing and implementing policies to reduce inequalities by giving voice and opportunities for developing aspirations to young people facing multifaceted inequalities while living in deprived city districts. The approach is to bring to the fore young persons' concerns and voices about their self-perception and social participation in society.

To accomplish these ambitious research tasks, the research strategy will benefit from the complementarities between qualitative and quantitative methodologies, reflected in the close interconnections between the Work Packages (WPs). SocIEtY will refine a coherent theoretical and methodological framework for the whole project on the basis of the Capability Approach. As a second step a documentary analysis and interviews with relevant political stakeholders and a longitudinal analysis of EU-SILC data will be carried out. Additionally, national and regional data for each partner country (WP3) for evaluating existing policies towards inequalities will be analysed. 11 analyses of social support networks (WP4) will be carried out, scrutinizing the strategies and policies of local actors in deprived city districts of each partner country.

Finally, SocIEtY will develop an innovative participative research methodology (WP5) bringing different stakeholders and different narratives together. An aim of this empirical instrument is to enable deliberative processes in which every participant has equal opportunity to voice their concerns and aspirations with regard to the common good. Traditional empirical research is combined with a participation methodology, broadening the informational basis for social innovation in public policies.

Proposal: 320136
Funding scheme: Collaborative project (small or medium-scale focused research project)
Activity Activity 2 - Combining economic, social and environmental objectives in a European perspective: paths towards sustainable development
Research area: Socioeconomic development trajectories
Topic: Social innovation against inequalities
Estimated EC contribution: €2.496.528
Starting date: 01.01.2013
Duration: 36 months
Title: Social Innovation - Empowering the Young for the Common Good
Acronym: SOCIETY
Keywords: -
Web site: -
Coordinator: University of Bielefeld
Bielefeld, Germany
Hans-Uwe OTTO
Partners' List:
  • Edinburgh Napier University
    Ronald MCQUAID
    Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • Centre D'études et de Recherches sur les Qualifications
    Josiane VERO
    Marseille, France
  • Aarhus Universitet
    Aarhus, Denmark
  • Universita Degli Studi di Pavia
    Pavia, Italy
  • Universiteit van Amsterdam
    Jan Willem DUYVENDAK
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Universiteit Gent
    Rudi ROOSE
    Gent, Belgium
  • Universitat Politecnica de Valencia
    Alejandra BONI
    Valencia, Spain
  • Universitatea din Bucuresti
    Adrian-Nicolae DAN
    Bucharest, Romania
  • BBJ Consult AG
    Regine SCHRÖER
    Brussels, Belgium
  • Forschungs- und Beratungsstelle Arbeitswelt
    Bettina HAIDINGER
    Vienna, Austria
  • Universitaet Linz
    Roland ATZMÜLLER
    Linz, Austria
  • Haute Ecole Spécialisée de Suisse Occidentale
    Jean-Michel BONVIN
    Delémont, Switzerland
EC Scientific Officer: DG RTD.B
Contact: Heiko PRANGE-GSTÖHL