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ALACs - Promotion of participation and citizenship in Europe through the “Advocacy and Legal Advice Centres (ALACs)” of Transparency International


The ALAC project will generate better scientific knowledge and a “best practice” model of civil society activities in the anti-corruption coalition. With the focus on the “Advocacy and Legal Advice Centres (ALACs)” of Transparency International, the leading CSO against corruption, the research project aims at:

  • enhancing civil society participation;

  • raising anti-corruption effectiveness; and

  • developing the advocacy for legal change at the national and EU level.

Based on the insight that citizens’ participation and the values of integrity, accountability and transparency are crucial components of fighting corruption the project is designed to promote the ALACs both as a management tool of a “bottom- up” anti-corruption work and citizens’ participation mechanism.

The goal of developing an advanced ALAC-methodology as a new model for co-operation between citizens, CSOs and researchers is to meet the challenge of devising policies that raise the level of citizens’ participation and empowerment. Combining action-research and practical implementation the project – itself designed as a process of organisational learning – will have direct impact on the work of Transparency International and its partner organisations in Europe and all over the world. Furthermore the “empirical grounded theory of the practice of the anti-corruption coalition” in different EU and EU-affiliated countries, intended by the project, will establish an innovative paradigm for scientific research as well as for the design of all kinds of civil society actors and non-governmental organisations.

Proposal: 225374
Funding scheme: Collaborative project (research for the benefit of specific groups – Civil Society Organisations (BSG-CSO))
Activity Activity 5 - The citizen in the European Union
Research area: Participation and citizenship in Europe
Topic: Democratic 'ownership' and participation
Estimated EC contribution: €999 804
Starting date: 01.09.2009
Duration: 36 months
Title: Promotion of participation and citizenship in Europe through the “Advocacy and Legal Advice Centres (ALACs)” of Transparency International
Acronym: ALACs
Keywords: -
Web site:
Coordinator: University of Konstanz
History and Sociology Department
DE – Konstanz
Partners' List:
  • Transparency International-Secretariat
    DE – Berlin
  • Warwick University
    The Social Theory Centre
    UK – Coventry
  • Transparency International
    National Chapter Azerbaijan
    AZ – Baku
  • Transparency International
    National Chapter Bosnia and Herzegovina
    BA – Banja Luka
  • Transparency International
    National Chapter Czech Republic
    Martin LACHMANN
    CZ – Praha
  • Transparency International
    National Chapter Romania
    Victor ALISTAR
    RO – Bucuresti
  • Transparency International
    National Chapter Finland
    Santeri ERIKSSON
    FI – Vantaa
  • Transparency International
    National Chapter Hungary
    Noemi ALEXA
    HU – Budapest
  • Transparency International
    National Chapter Ireland
    John DEVITT
    IE – Dublin
  • Transparency International
    National Chapter Lithuania
    Sergej MURAVJOV
    LT – Vilnius
  • University of Duisburg-Essen
    Konstadinos MARAS
    DE – Duisburg-Essen
EC Scientific Officer: DG RTD.B
Contact: Cristina MARCUZZO
Research achievements: ALACs policy brief " Analysis and Enhancement of an Anti-corruption Tool to Enable Better Informed and Effective Citizens Participation in Europe" (September 2013)