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FAMILYPLATFORM - Social platform on research for families and family policies


The overall objective of the FAMILYPLATFORM is to elaborate a focussed research agenda addressing fundamental research issues and key policy questions for future research and family policies in Europe. Therefore, the platform will match three relevant perspectives:

  • the perspective of the scientific community;

  • the perspective of European families represented by important stakeholders such as family and children`s rights associations;

  • the perspective of policy-makers and social partners.

The FAMILYPLATFORM will focus on four areas:

  • catching up with the current state of family research and elaboration of significant trends, differences between countries, gaps and methodological problems of existing research on families. Therefore a wide range of existential fields of family life and family policy will be taken into consideration;

  • a critical review of existing research from the perspective of a wide range of stakeholder representatives such as family associations, children’s right associations and policymakers and social partners;

  • based on a series of possible future scenarios for families, generating key policy questions for future European policy and research issues and tools focussed on “well being of families” as key concept in European policy;

  • working out a research agenda with fundamental research issues, research areas and tasks of long-term studies, methodological tools based on step 1-3.

The FAMILYPLATFORM offers a wide variety of forums: conferences with debates to certain topics, workshops and future scenarios with defined tasks, focus groups for opinion formation, and discussion forums on the internet platform.

The FAMILYPLATFORM involves a wide range of stakeholders from an early state of the project. The consortium covers well known European experts on applied research for families and family policies in Europe and one important confederation of family organisations in Europe.

Proposal: 243864
Funding scheme: Coordination and support action (Support action)
Activity: Activity 3 - Major trends in society and their implications
Research area: Societal trends and lifestyles
Topic: Social platform for research on families and family policies
Estimated EC contribution: €1 398 827
Starting date: 01.10.2009
Duration: 18 months
Title:Social platform on research for families and family policies
Keywords: -
Web site:
Coordinator: Technische Universität Dortmund
DE - Dortmund
Partners' List:
  • Staatsinstitut für Familienforschung
    an der Universität Bamberg
    Marina RUPP
    DE – Bamberg
  • University of Jyväskylä
    Teppo KRÖGER
    Kimmo JOKINEN
    FI – Jyväskyla
  • Universität Wien
    Olaf KAPELLA
    AT – Vienna
  • Hungarian Central Statistical Office
    Demographic Research Institute
    Zsolt SPÉDER
    HU – Budapest
  • Instituto de Ciencias Sociais
    da Universidade de Lisboa
    Karin WALL
    PT – Lisbon
  • Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca
    Carmen LECCARDI
    IT – Milan
  • Tallinn University
    Ellu SAAR
    EE – Tallinn
  • London School of Economics and Political
    UK – London
  • Forum delle Associazioni Familiari
    Giuseppe BARBARO
    IT – Rome
  • Confédération des Organisations Familiales
    de l’Union européenne
    William LAY
    BE – Brussels
  • Mouvement Mondial des Mères – Europe
    Anne-Marie DE LIEDEKERKE
    BE – Brussels
EC Scientific Officer: DG RTD.B
Contact: Marc GOFFART
Research achievements: