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NET4SOCIETY - Trans-national cooperation among National Contact Points (NCP) for Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities


A strong and efficient network of National Contacts Points (NCP) is not only key to the success of the 7th EU Framework Programme but also to the realization of the European Research Area.

The trans-national project NET4SOCIETY strives to achieve this declared goal. For its proposed duration of three years, NET4SOCIETY is supporting the creation and establishment of a functional network of Socio-economic Sciences and the Humanities (SSH)-NCPs.

NET4SOCIETY offers specific high quality training sessions (based on a questionnaire that is sent to all SSH-NCPs), dedicated workshops, and mentoring and brokerage events. The project provides targeted tools such as a best practice handbook and a database for the specific area of “Socio-economics and Humanities”, including a refined partner search tool. These tools are published on the project’s dedicated internet site.

Through the project NET4SOCIETY the first network of SSHNCPs is created.

The network consists of more than 40 NCPs from EU countries, associated countries and International Cooperation Partner Countries (ICPCs).

A core group of Work Packages leaders, including the Third Country Contact Point, works closely together with the coordinator to implement the project’s objectives.

All NCPs are involved in several network activities and have access to all network events and tools. NET4SOCIETY is opened to all SSH-NCPs, including those who have declined their official participation.

All NCPs, including non-members, are informed on a regular basis and have the possibility to contribute to the project’s objectives, participate in the network events and benefit fully from the project’s results.

Proposal: 217152
Funding scheme: Coordination and support action (support action)
Activity Activity 8 - Strategic activities
Research area: Trans-national cooperation among National Contact Points (NCP) for Socio-economic sciences and Humanities
Topic: -
Estimated EC contribution: €2 767 221
Starting date: 01.02.2008
Duration: 36 months
Title: Trans-national cooperation among National Contact Points (NCP) for Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities
Keywords: -
Web site:
Coordinator: Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt E.V.
NCP SSH (National Contact Point Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities)
DE - Bonn
Partners' List:
  • Ministry of Education and Science (MASH)
    Directorate of Scientific Research
    Shpresa RAMA
    AL – Tirana
  • Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft
    European and International Programmes
    AT – Vienna
  • Service d’Information Scientifique et Technique/
    Dienst voor Wetenschappelijke en Technische
    Informatie – BELSPO
    Pascale VAN DINTER
    BE – Brussels
  • Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
    Institute of Economics
    Rossitsa CHOBANOVA
    BG – Sofia
  • Belarusian State University
    Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences
    Larissa TITARENKO
    BY – Minsk
  • Euresearch
    Nadine SPEICH
    CH – Bern
  • Research Promotion Foundation
    National Research Programmes Unit
    CY – Nicosia
  • Technology Centre of the Academy of Sciences
    (TC AV CR)
    National Information Centre for European Research
    Michal PACVON
    CZ – Prague
  • Danish Agency for Science Technology
    and Innovation Eurocenter
    Melanie BÜSCHER
    DK – Copenhagen
  • Archimedes Foundation
    Research Cooperation Centre
    Ülle MUST
    EE – Tallinn
  • Centro Para el Desarrollo
    Tecnologico Industrial
    European Union RTD Programmes
    ES – Madrid
  • Academy of Finland
    Research Council for Culture and Society
    Riitta LAUNONEN
    FI – Helsinki
  • Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
    Delegation Paris A
    Nathalie COLLAIN
    FR – Paris
  • National Documentation Centre – National Hellenic
    Research Foundation Development Department
    Evangelos BOUBOUKAS
    EL – Athens
  • Ministry of Science, Education and Sports
    Directorate for International Cooperation
    Lada BENZON
    HR – Zagreb
  • National Office for Research and Technology (NKTH)
    Department for Programme Planning and Monitoring
    Zsofia HARTYANYI
    HU – Budapest
  • Irish Research Council for the Humanities
    and Social Sciences (IRCHSS)
    Sorcha CARTHY
    IE – Dublin
    Social Science and Marie Curie Actions
    Tamir EINAT
    IL – Tel Aviv
  • Icelandic Centre for Research (RANNIS)
    Research and Innovation
    Eiríkur Smári SIGURÐARSON
    IS – Reykjavik
  • Agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea
    Diassina DI MAGGIO
    IT – Rome
  • Agency for International Science and Technology
    Development Programmes
    International Programmes Division
    Sonata MICKUTE
    LT – Vilnius
  • Luxinnovation Gie
    Jean-Michel LUDWIG
    LU – Luxembourg
  • Starptautiska Lietiskas
    Optikas Biedriba SPIE
    LV – Riga
  • Agency for International Scientific,
    Educational, Cultural and Technical
    Cooperation of Montenegro
    Department for International Scientific
    and Technical Cooperation
    Tamara TOVJANIN
    ME – Podgorica
  • Malta Council for Science & Technology
    Fp7 Unit
    Anthea FRENDO
    MT – Kalkara
  • Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
    Coordination of Humanities
    Rafael LOYOLA DÍAZ
    MX – Mexico City
  • SenterNovem Eg-Liaison
    NL – The Hague
  • Research Council of Norway
    Division for Strategic Priorities,
    Department for Society and Public Policy
    Tom-Espen MØLLER
    NO – Oslo
  • Instytut Podstawowych Problemów Techniki
    Polskiej Akademii Nauk
    National Contact Point
    Malgorzata KROTKI
    PL – Warsaw
  • Gabinete de Relações
    Internacionais da Ciência e Ensino Superior
    Department of European Affairs
    Mário Rui VILAR
    PT – Lisbon
  • Autoritatea Nationala Pentru Cercetare Stiintifica – National Authority
    for Scientific Research Department of European
    Integration and International Cooperation
    Monica ALEXANDRU
    RO – Bucharest
  • Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection
    of the Republic of Serbia
    Department of International Science and Technology
    Suzana VOJINOVIC
    RS – Belgrade
  • Centre for Science Research and Statistics
    Department of International Science
    Vladimir GORELOV
    RU – Moscow
  • Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation
    Systems (VINNOVA)
    European Programmes
    SE – Stockholm
  • Slovak Research and Development Agency
    Social Sciences and Humanities
    Jana BLAHOVA
    SK – Bratislava
  • Turkiye Bilimsel ve Teknolojik Arastirma Kurumu
    EU FPS National Coordination Office
    Habibe Tugba EROL
    TR – Ankara
  • Human Sciences Research Council
    Business Development
    Christine (Christa) VAN ZYL
    ZA – Pretoria
  • Faroese Research Council (Granskingarráðið)
    Dalsenni Faroese Research Council (Gransking)
    John OLSEN
    FO – Tórshavn
  • Ministry of Education, Research and Culture
    The Faroese Research Council
    FO – Tórshavn
  • Ministry of Higher Education, Science
    and Technology (MHEST)
    Tatjana ŠVAJGER
    SI – Ljubljana
EC Scientific Officer: DG RTD.B
Contact: Heiko PRANGE-GSTÖHL
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