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COUNTER - Socio-economic and cultural impacts of the consumption of counterfeit goods


The COUNTER research project is designed to collect data, generate knowledge, and disseminate findings on the European landscape for the consumption of counterfeit consumer goods.

It proposes a research project that explores:

  • frequency and distribution of counterfeits;
  • consumer attitudes to counterfeit and pirated goods;
  • legal and ethical frameworks for intellectual property;
  • policy options for engaging with the consumers of counterfeits;
  • the use of copyrighted goods in the creation of new cultural artefacts;
  • impacts of counterfeiting and control of intellectual property.

COUNTER addresses an emerging research area which is not directly covered in current workprogramme and in which the EU lags behind the USA.

This area, however, is central to current economic, political, legislative and cultural debates in Europe. Focusing on the demand side of the counterfeiting industry, COUNTER will collect data on consumer behaviour, policy development, and stakeholder engagement.

Together, these will allow COUNTER’s research to integrate demand-consumption side issues with policy implications. The project brings together a team of European researchers with recognised experience in the field in order to develop a multi-disciplinary and multi-method approach (triangulation) to counterfeit goods and intellectual property that draws upon the strengths of economics, sociology, law, psychology, and management and information science.

By developing an innovative research framework, the project will generate new policy and industry relevant knowledge and develop a research agenda which can be developed and implemented and inform future research.

COUNTER will provide a timely and much needed research project which will rapidly deliver foundational research which can contribute to the global debate and be developed to explore other forms of counterfeiting including pharmaceuticals, industrial markets, and the implementation of technical anticounterfeiting measures.

Proposal: 217514
Funding scheme: Collaborative project (small and medium scale focused research project)
Activity Activity 8 - Strategic activities
Research area: Emerging needs
Topic: -
Estimated EC contribution: €1 476 226
Starting date: 01.04.2008
Duration: 24 months
Title:Socio-economic and cultural impacts of the consumption of counterfeit goods
Acronym: COUNTER
Keywords: -
Web site:
Coordinator: University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN)
Cyberspace Research Unit
School of Psychology
UK - Preston
Partners' List:
  • Vienna University of Economics and Business
    Institute of International Marketing
    and Management
    Elfriede PENZ
    AT – Vienna
  • Uppsala Universitet
    Department of Archival Science, Library- and
    Information Science, Museology
    SE – Uppsala
  • ASK Research Centre of Bocconi University
    Istituto di Diritto Comparato
    Maria Lillà MONTAGNANI
    IT – Milano
  • University of Ljubljana
    Faculty of Economics,
    Department of Marketing
    Irerna VIDA
    SI – Ljubljana
EC Scientific Officer: DG RTD.B
Contact: Perla SROUR-GANDON