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Final Project Reports

Published in 2008

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  • FEMAGE - Immigrant Women and their Integration in Ageing Societies. Results from the FEMAGE Project funded under the 6th FP, area Social Sciences and Humanities. Brussels, 2008, EUR 23610, ISBN 978-92-79-10332-2, ISSN 1018-5593, DOI 10.2777/30284, 96 pages (2.4MB PDF icon)

    Immigration is a universal phenomenon that meets with a mixed reception depending on the host countries' historical and socio-economic background, their integration policy, the cultural differences between foreigners and nationals, and many other factors. One such factor is gender. Researchers from the FEMAGE project (Needs for Female Immigrants and their Integration in Ageing Societies) have studied the integration issue from the dual gender perspective of women nationals from the host countries and the women migrants who have come to join them. The result is a unique and detailed record of the experiences, needs, attitudes and expectations of women in relation to this urgent topic. In addition, the project has produced a number of key recommendations on support policies and services for the integration of female migrants in view of an ageing European population.