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Policy Briefs

Disseminating research success through policy

Getting policy insights at a glance, discovering thought-provoking results and comparisons in Europe, checking quickly a methodology. This is why the Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH) programme publishes policy briefs: to communicate research results in a structured way in only a few pages.

Cover of the document WILCO - Welfare Innovations at the Local level in favour of Cohesion (March 2014) ( 207KB)
Cover of the document SYRTO - SYstemic Risk TOmography (March 2014) ( 293KB)
Cover of the document WALQING - Qualitative case study findings of walqing, an EU-funded research project investigating working and employment conditions and quality of life in new and growing jobs in Europe (November 2012) ( 124KB)
Cover of the document FAMILIESANDSOCIETIES - Changing families and sustainable societies: Policy contexts and diversity over the life course and across generations (March 2014) ( 555KB)
Cover of the document RurbanAfrica - African Rural-City Connections (December 2013) ( 555KB)
Cover of the document ELDIA - European language diversity for all (August 2013) ( 1.2MB)
Cover of the document RELIGARE - Religion and State support : Innovative approaches to law and policy (October 2013) ( 237KB)
Cover of the document SustainCity: Using land-use/transport models for sustainable policy making This Policy Brief makes part of the WP6 of the SustainCity Project (November 2013) ( 1.700KB)
Cover of the document SustainCity: Case studies in Paris, Zurich and Brussels – SustainCity project latest policy brief (November 2013) ( 328KB)
Cover of the document CONSENT - Consumer sentiment regarding privacy on user generated content services in the digital economy (November 2013) ( 700KB)
Cover of the document ALACs - Analysis and Enhancement of an Anti-corruption Tool to Enable Better Informed and Effective Citizens Participation in Europe (September 2013) ( 514KB)
Cover of the document COCOPS - Trends and impact of public administration reforms in Europe: Views and experiences from senior public sector executives (November 2013) ( 514KB)
Cover of the document FLAGSHIP - Forward Looking Tools and Methods for Answering Major Societal Challenges (Octobre 2013) ( 514KB)
Cover of the document EURISLAM - Finding a Place for Islam in Europe: Cultural Interactions between Muslim Immigrants and Receiving Societies (September 2013) ( 514KB)
Cover of the document GOETE - Governance of educational trajectories in Europe (May 2013) ( 514KB)
Cover of the document ASSPRO CEE 2007 - The price of a childbirth: out-of-pocket payments for maternity care in Central and Eastern Europe (April 2013) ( 169KB)
Cover of the document INDICSER - Output and productivity growth in the healthcare sector: a study of four European countries (March 2013) ( 159KB)
Cover of the document INDICSER - Employment protection, productivity, wages and jobs in Europe (February 2013) ( 123KB)
Cover of the document MYPLACE - Memory, Youth, Political Legacy and Civic Engagement (European Summary Brief) (February 2013) ( 655KB)
Cover of the document ASSPRO CEE 2007 - Formal and informal out-of-pocket payments for health care services in central and eastern European countries: What are the actual patients' contributions ? (February 2013) ( 146KB)
Cover of the document FLOWS - Impact of local welfare systems on female labour force participation and social cohesion (February 2013) ( 437KB)
Cover of the document MAFE - Changing patterns of migration between Africa and Europe: Departures, trajectories & returns (January 2013) ( 518KB)
Cover of the document MAFE - Factors of migration between Africa & Europe: Assessing the role of education, family & policy (January 2013) ( 418KB)
Cover of the document MAFE - African migrants at work: Labour market integration in Europe & re-integration of returnees (January 2013) ( 490KB)
Cover of the document MAFE - Migrant families: Living together or across national borders? (January 2013) ( 422KB)
Cover of the document POLINARES - Accessing Oil, Gas and Minerals in a Changing World (January 2013) ( 129KB)
Cover of the document EUMAGINE - On the role of human rights and democracy perceptions in constructing migration aspirations and decisions towards Europe (January 2013) ( 173KB)
Cover of the document GUSTO - The governance of uncertainty and sustainability: tensions and opportunities (January 2013) ( 434KB)
Cover of the document ENGOV - Environmental governance of extractive activities in Latin America and the Caribbean: the need to include local communities (January 2013) (English version: 524KB)

ENGOV - La gobernanza ambiental de actividades extractivas en América Latina y el Caribe: la necesidad de incluir a las comunidades (Enero 2013) (Spanish version: 534KB)