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Knowledge databases resulting from projects

Social databases, labour markets and indicators

Project Acronym Database description
AMELI Advanced methodology for European Laeken indicators
ASSESSING OC Assessing organised crime: Testing the feasibility of common European approach in a case study of the cigarette black market in the EU
COMPARE Toolbox for improving the comparability of cross-national survey data with applications to SHARE
ESS4 European Social Survey round 4: Improving social measurement in Europe
EUROCCUPATIONS Developing a detailed eight-country occupations database for comparative socio-economic research in the European Union
INEQ Inequality: mechanisms, effects and policies
JOBMOB AND FAMLIVES Job mobilities and family lives in Europe - modern mobile living and its relation to quality of life
KASS Kinship and social security
LLL2010 Towards a lifelong learning society in Europe: The contribution of the education system
MEADOW Measuring the dynamics of organisations and work: proposed guidelines for collecting and interpreting data on organisational change and its economic and social impacts
RECWOWE Reconciling work and welfare in Europe
SAMPLE Small area methods for poverty and living condition estimates
SHARELIFE Employment and health at 50+: a life history approach
YOUNEX Youth, unemployment, and exclusion in Europe: A multidimensional approach